Nowadays you can find a translator in just a few clicks. But is this translator the best fit for your project? Does he or she have the time or expertise to meet your deadline? If not, you may be facing serious issues and delays. Translations vary from simple to complex. Finding the right professional with the right attitude, know-how, and experience is not an easy task. You may find someone who has decades of translation experience but has a limited understanding of the topic. Or perhaps the translator has a vast knowledge of the topic but is not a native speaker, resulting in a mediocre and awkward translation. Another disadvantage: You may have to oversee the translation project yourself, from beginning to end.

The necessary interactions with the translator will consume valuable time that could be spent on other projects. Of course, you want a 100% error-free translation, but in some cases, this may not be possible without the assistance of a professional proofreader. Many translators rely solely on CAT tools (computer assisted software), but this may be just one part of the translation process to guarantee accuracy. Proofreading your project is an important component of translating content, especially when you have delicate information that may harm your reputation or your business if it isn't done perfectly and completely.

The Language Pros can assist with any translation project, big or small. We follow your instructions carefully to help guarantee that all your requirements are successfully met. We handle document translations in any format, length, or language. In addition, we primarily utilize skilled native speakers who specialize or have vast knowledge of the topic and are most suitable for the project at hand. We perform a selection process to find the right translator for each job, making the process seamless and worry-free for our clients. We can deliver the translated files electronically, as hard copies, or both for immediate use and client’s convenience.

Translation Costs, Turnaround Times, and Billing

The cost of a translation is determined by the volume (per word, or in some instances per page), complexity of the project, language combination, and turnaround time (based on the client’s deadline and content volume). The turnaround time starts once the client accepts and approves our translation quote (by email or fax). We offer great rates, and most of the time we can beat our competitors’ quotes. Simply put, we provide outstanding service and quality work from beginning to end at competitive prices. We take the time with every client and every project to successfully meet our clients’ needs and deliver what they expect, and more.

We offer reasonable rates, work with tight deadlines, and accept projects of all types, volumes, and sizes.

We accept rush translations, and our standard turnaround assignments are completed expeditiously. For certain projects, we require partial payment before we begin any translation work. Also, for quick turnaround projects and for your convenience, we offer a simple and fast payment option via PayPal.

Turnaround Times

  • Volume
  • Up to 4 pages
  • 5-9 pages
  • 10-20 pages
  • Over 20 pages

  • Standard
  • 3 business days
  • 4 business days
  • 6 business days
  • 10 business days+
  • Rush
  • 1 business day*
  • 2 business days*
  • 3 business days*
  • 6 business days+*

ATA-Certified Translations

The Language Pros, Inc., can assist you with the certified translation of any document in any ATA-certified language. We utilize only professionals who have the proper qualifications and experience for the job. Additionally, seasoned and well-versed professional proofreaders are utilized on most projects to work hand in hand with our translators to achieve the best results.

We follow the Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices of the American Translators Association.

Declaration and Certification of Translation

Certified translation projects are accompanied by a supplemental page (at no cost) that confirms the authenticity of the certified translator (aka Declaration and Certification of Translator). In some instances, the Declaration must be acknowledged by a notary public for the proper filing of certain documents with state, federal, or foreign government entities. TLP can further assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the notarization or authentication of your certified translation. The cost of the notarization is based on the state’s notarial fees.

We adhere to generally accepted interpreter and translator ethics principles, including client confidentiality in all projects received. We accept and comply with our clients’ non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and sign them upon request.

Translation Formatting and Design

Many documents submitted for translation contain typesetting, illustrations, heavy graphics, complex website layouts, and other necessary design elements. We provide our clients with desktop publishing solutions as an essential tool to help ensure that the translated text fits the original overall design. That allows the finished product’s appearance to resemble the original design without looking awkward or unprofessional. Additionally, some vital records documents can be translated applying the simple format, upon a client’s request. The simple format consists of a summarized version of the document. The final translation would contain only the relevant particulars of the document, leaving the rest of the information or any seals or stamps in the original language.

Style Guides and Terminology Glossaries for Large Translation Projects

Style guides maintain cross-document continuity by clearly defining the terminology to be used during the translation process. Our translators will follow your language-specific rules to help ensure that your project is technically accurate and conforms to target-country formatting and stylistic preferences. TLP also can assist in developing a style guide and/or terminology glossary from scratch. This terminology management will not only shorten the usual translation time, but also reduce the overall cost of translating new content.

Translation Quotes

Documents that need translation greatly vary from one another, and providing a quote without viewing your document may not be accurate. We want to make sure that you receive the most reasonable and lowest cost quote possible. For us to do that, we need to see your document. There is no obligation to order our services after receiving our quote.

Please upload your document below and complete the short form. We welcome your call should you have any questions or concerns regarding our document uploading or quote submission process. We will contact you shortly after receiving your files.

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