Foreign-Language Transcriptions

Transcription consists of converting spoken words, either live or recorded, into a written or electronic document. Foreign-language transcription is essentially the same thing except that the spoken words are in a foreign language.   At TLP we offer foreign-language transcription services to convert multimedia files, such as audio or video, into written transcripts. These multimedia files are transcribed in the same language(s) spoken during the recording which makes this a single-step process. For instance, if the multimedia file we receive from the client is in the Spanish language, the client will receive a written transcript typed in Spanish if the request was simply to transcribe the original file. The transcript(s) is/are delivered to the client as Microsoft Word, PDF or Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

At The Language Pros, our commitment to quality and service is our highest priority. Because transcriptions outside of the US are not held to the same legal standards as transcriptions here, we do not outsource any of our transcription assignments to foreign contractors.

In addition, TLP’s trusted network of foreign-language transcribers work under NDAs and your media will be safeguarded and kept within the U.S., which helps put our client’s confidentiality concerns to ease. Our trusted team of transcribers are native speakers in the language they transcribe, come from diverse backgrounds, and have expertise in a wide variety of industries. Some of the transcription work we do includes:

  • Interviews

  • Statements

  • Meetings

  • Presentations

  • Phone Calls / VM

  • Human Resources videos

  • Research material

Ancillary Transcription Services

For those clients who require more than just the conversion of their foreign-language multimedia file into a transcription, TLP offers ancillary multimedia services to cover their additional foreign-language transcription needs for a U.S. audience.

Foreign-language Transcription with Translation

This option delivers a two-column typed document that contains both, the foreign language transcription on the left-hand column and the English verbatim translation on the right-hand column.

Foreign-language Interpretation

This is a cost-effective option for clients with budgetary constraints who are looking for an interpretation (“oral translation”) of their foreign-language multimedia file into English usually needed for informational purposes. The client receives an audio recording, in the English language, instead of a transcribed-translated typed document of their foreign-language file.

Multilingual Subtitling and Translation

Implementing subtitles to film or video helps clarify what is being said for the viewer. This is especially important when the viewer’s main language is not English as foreign-language subtitles can help ensure that the verbal content of the video or film will be easily understood by all potential viewers. Subtitles function like “open captions” which are always in view and can never be turned off by the viewer. Before subtitles are added to your video, you will need a transcript translated into the language of the audience. Clients can request and receive different language versions of their multimedia file to fit their specific audience language needs.

Competitive Prices and Turnaround Times

Transcription fees are calculated on a per minute of recorded audio or video. There are several factors to consider when determining costs and turnaround time of a transcription project such as the speed at which the speaker talks, number of speakers, clarity of the recording (background noise, phone interview, etc.), clarity of the speech (heavy accents, mumbling, etc.), subject matter, length of the recording, and the client’s deadline. Translation fees are calculated separately, based on the word count of the transcription.

So, whether you are looking to subtitle a video for your new hire orientation, transcribe audio or video for a legal proceeding, or simply have a phone call or voicemail transcribed from one language to another, we are here to help. If you are ready to move forward with a transcription project, or would simply like to receive a quote, The Language Pros can assist with all your language service needs.

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