Conference Interpreting

Interpreting at Conferences, Meetings, & Special Events

TLP caters to events of all sizes at any type of venue. Whether it’s a simple meeting with a few monolingual attendees or a large diverse group where several interpreters are required for multiple languages, clients can trust TLP to handle all language communication aspects of their event. We pair our interpreting services with the right equipment based on the size of your group, and we do it all in a seamless, cost-efficient, and organized manner. With TLP, you get a positive and hassle-free experience.

Our conference interpreters are carefully selected and must meet specific criteria. Due to the broad spectrum of topics within any given industry, we ensure that the interpreters at your event have prior experience utilizing the proper terminology. They are native speakers of the target language and possess bicultural traits that have been acquired as a result of living in the U.S. for an extended period of time. They have a proven record of extensive conference interpreting experience, and many hold a certification at the state or federal court level for the language pair.

Depending on the length and/or topic(s) of your event, two interpreters per language may be necessary so they can take breaks interpreting after a period of time. This helps to avoid mental fatigue and to consistently maintain a high level of interpretation. Typically, we recommend that two interpreters be used for any event that lasts more than three (3) or four (4) consecutive hours, depending on the number of breaks during the interpreting session.

For those clients who are unsure of what they need or have certain budget limitations, we will make recommendations considering those factors so your upcoming event takes place in a professional and organized manner. Our interpreters may be found at:

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Conventions

  • Employee Orientations

  • Safety Trainings

  • Meetings

  • Focus Groups

  • Presentations

  • Trade Shows

Event Organization and Management

Regardless of the size or duration of your event, TLP can assist you with every step of the process. We provide high-quality wireless and portable interpreting equipment, along with receivers and headphones, tabletops or fully encapsulated booths, RF interpreting systems, and any special equipment that fits your needs.
For clients holding smaller group events (approximately 30 listeners) such as a meeting, lecture, assembly, or training session, portable and wireless equipment will most likely be utilized. Our interpreters are familiar with such equipment and can handle the basic set-up process on-site.

Technical Support on-site

To ensure that your special event goes as planned TLP can assign a special equipment technician during any medium size event (about 30 to 50 listeners). For large size event (50+ listeners), such as conventions, summits, conferences, or exhibitions where additional planning and stationary equipment (such as soundproof encapsulated or table top booths) are required, we recommend the assistance of a technical team. Our technical team will be on-site to set-up, monitor equipment performance throughout the event, assist the client with any unexpected layout modifications, and/or take care of breakdown upon completion.
Unsure what you require? Tell us about your event so we can make recommendations that are specific to your needs.

Wireless & Portable Interpreting Equipment

We offer the most up-to-date technology in specialized language interpreting systems for live interpreting events. We utilizeConferences, Meetings, and Special Events one of the most trusted brands and preferred choice available in the market. Our high-tech equipment is wireless, portable, lightweight, compact, and easy to use, allowing interpreters to reach their audience with clarity of sound and without disruptions to the speaker or other attendees.