Immigration Interpreting

Although the immigration interview process can be somewhat of an unnerving experience, especially when there are language limitations, TLP will strive to offer peace of mind to the client who is in need of a language professional.


We mainly work with interpreters that are either Court-certified or Registered for the languages approved by the California Judicial Council. Our interpreters are carefully selected to ensure that they possess at least 1 year experience interpreting in immigration-related matters, and therefore are familiar with the specific terminology utilized in these proceedings. Also, they interchangeably can utilize the consecutive or simultaneous techniques, possess courtroom demeanor and professional conduct. Clients can be certain that TLP interpreters will provide a full, accurate and literal interpretation during their interview or proceeding.

In seldom cases, clients do not require the use of a certified interpreter for their immigration-related matters. If this is the case, we are also able to provide our clients with Qualified Interpreters (non-certified), also known as Language Skilled or Ad Hoc Interpreters. These interpreters have been carefully selected based on their professional experience and knowledge of immigration terminology and procedures.

Regardless of your selection, rest assured our interpreters will deliver accuracy and professionalism at all times.

Let us pair you with the right interpreter for your next assignment. We promise your experience will exceed expectations and know you will return to TLP for all your future interpreting needs. Thank you for considering us for your next Interpreting project.