Why Choose TLP

We live in a fast-paced, demanding environment. Time is valuable and reliability is crucial. At The Language Pros we understand our clients and their busy agendas. We provide a more personalized service and work in a proactive manner by taking care of your language needs promptly and efficiently. We keep up with your demands and do our best to provide immediate solutions for all of your language service needs.

Our Team of Language Professionals  

Our team of language professionals is carefully selected based on their experience, credentials and background. They understand the guidelines and procedures of their profession and are highly skilled in their respective subject areas and possess the ability to accurately tailor language, tone, style and register of the speaker’s message to their audience.

In like manner, they have the ability to understand native speakers that come from different backgrounds and cultures and render their message correctly in the
 target language.

We match our professionals’ expertise and skill with the specifications requested by the client for each assignment in order to achieve the highest level of interpretation; therefore, client satisfaction. 

The Language Pros strives for:

  • Excellence
  • Ethical behavior 
  • Professionalism at all times

What We Do

Our core business is providing our clients language service solutions, in interpreting and translating, for a variety of industries. Additional services such as Court Reporting, Legal Videography, Interpreting equipment rental, and transportation are also offered.

For clients interested in our interpreting services, our interpreters are trained in all modes of on-site (“in person”) interpreting. These include the following:

  • Simultaneous
    Interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language and instantaneously interprets what was said in the target language. This is the fastest mode of interpretation.
  • Consecutive
    Interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language, either memorizes or takes notes of what was said, and then proceeds with the interpretation into the target language. 
  • Summarization
    Interpreter renders a condensed or shortened version of what has been said. This mode of interpretation is not appropriate for legal or quasi-legal settings. 
  • Sight Translation
    Interpreter renders a true and accurate verbal translation of written material into the target language. This mode of interpreting applies when there are exhibits or foreign documents in the proceeding that need to be translated on the spot for all the parties present. 
  • Relay Interpreting (Indigenous Languages or Languages of Limited
    Generally involves two or more interpreters working at the same time. One interpreter speaks the common language and the other one(s) speak(s) the LLD or indigenous language. For example, a K’iche’ source message first is rendered to Spanish, then from Spanish to English and vice versa.